Autobiography of Dong Tam Cement tile

From the skillful hands of workers and components from Mother Earth including stone dust, sand and cement mixed with a diversity of colors, products are created to add aesthetic appeals to many homes!.

Do you know that this is the way I was “created” and my duty is to complement structures with a luxurious touch. People call me “Cement tile”, perhaps this is because my brothers, sisters and I always wear different colors and patterns. In fact, since we, “Cement tiles,” are created by manual methods, we are not 100% alike even though we come from one mold.

Despite such differentiation in appearance, our “body” is identical. Firstly, based on requirements, craftsmen prepare the frames by bending and welding aluminum strips to match the designed patterns. Subsequently, the frame is placed onto the tile mold. Then caution and skill, the craftsmen pour the color pigments into the frames as prescribed by the designs. The frame is then slowly removed from the mold.  

Next, a thin layer of a mixture of fine sand and cements is coated on top, this layer will retain the true color pigments. Layering a mixture of fine sand and cement on the mould before putting it under the pressing machines will help the tile reach the a desirable thickness. After the aforementioned procedures, the finished tile will have beautiful patterns and because of the thickness of the first layer of color, the tile will have long lasting, durable color.

Then the tile will be soaked in water to absorb the necessary moisture before being exposed to the air to reach a certain hardness and finally polished by wax for a finished surface. In the final step, the tiles have to go through strict quality control procedures and selections in order to meet the required standards. After these meticulous steps, tiles are produced to serve different contructions of different magnitude and distance.

We are always proud that we were created by Dong Tam craftsmen with dedication and skills. They vitalize and strengthen our characteristics to ensure our splendor and endurance that stand the test of time and brutality of competition.

Photos of construction sites using Dong Tam Cement tiles:

Hoi An M2 Boutique Hotel Project

Other construction sites in and outside of Vietnam using Dong Tam cement tiles


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