In the 1850s, in Viviers, home to the first few French cement factories, engineers researched and created a new product made by the popular cement: a flooring tile characterized by patterns. These aesthetic and long lasting tiles were entirely made by hand with the support from the newly invented tile pressing machines in Europe. The tiles quickly became trendy product. As a result, many established cement tile factories were erected across France, from the economic hub of Paris to Lyon to Marseilles port.

Since the production process did not require many raw materials, cement tiles could even be produced in rural and remote areas. Simplicity in its structure and creativity in its patterns blended in a variety of colors differentiated cement tiles from other products for their uniqueness. Until the 1920s, cement tiles were considered luxurious materials used in decorating palaces for the aristocracy including Provence-Alps-Cote d'Azur castles and Gaudi's Barcelona (Spain) and Government buildings in Berlin (Germany).  Generally speaking, with a diversification in colors and elegance and aestheticity in patterns, cement tiles quickly became a new standard in the interior decoration industry.


“Made in Vietnam” Cement tiles

46 years ago, in the midst of war, a family decided to abandon their hometown in Can Giuoc (Long An province) to seek a new life in Phu Dinh, on the edge of Saigon - Cho Lon. Pursuing a new career in making cement tile, on 25/6/1969, Mr. Vo Thanh Lan established Dong Tam company operating under a trading business license. With nearly 10 manual tile pressing machines and only 10 workers, the number of tiles produced did not meet the surging demand. So high was the demand that construction contractors sometimes agreed to buy tiles before they were cured.

Over the past 46 years of passion and resilience, the engineering and desigining team have been innovating toward creating a more artistic hand-made products. Over the generations, Dong Tam tiles have always held a strong position and won a place in the customers’ hearts. As customers’ tastes continuosly changed, a variety of tile products have been introduced and sold in the market. However, Dong Tam cement tile is still favored by those seeking designs that immerse the owners in the flow of time and sentiments.